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Afrocuration Mozambique 4.0: A massive online editing event in February 2023 

On February 25 and 26, 65 young Mozambican university students, teachers, journalists and activists, reunited to promote the Makhuwa culture and language on Wikipedia in the fourth edition of AfroCuration Mozambique. The initiative was organised by Ethale Publishing in collaboration with the University of Rovuma as part of the WikiAfrica Education program in partnership with the Moleskine Foundation and the Aurora Foundation.

In this year's edition, Ethale Publishing brought to the event Queen Saquia Rachide, founder of Tufo da Mafalala, one of the most respected folkloric groups of the capital Maputo. Saquia defended the need for the involvement of all in the valorization of local culture and shared her journey of promoting cultural practices.


The participants praised the initiative and said they had learned a lot, besides feeling honored to contribute to the promotion of their culture.

“Allow me to congratulate all those involved in this project, as it is of great importance for the promotion and development of our Emakhuwa language. With the commitment and dedication of each one of us, editing and publishing high quality articles, I refer to articles that comply with internationally accepted norms and standards that will lead us to the destination we aim to reach” - Momade Alfredo

“Thanks again to Ethale for the attention itt has given to this Wikipedia project. From my point of view of Afrocuration 4.0 was great. I'd like to praise the initiative ofEthalee promoting the empowerment of language and culture” - Gito Anastacio 

“Afrocuration 4.0 was very good, the organization was excellent, despite being online everything went well, that was exceptional. I gathered a lot of experience and knowledge. I learned to create an article: despite one and another difficulty, this did not make me give up the training, I persisted until the end, and the follow-up that the organization gave was good and important, mainly in clarifying doubts, all in favor of our African language” - Celita Sitora

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