Mélio Tinga

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Mélio Tinga was born in 1994 in Maputo. Communication designer, writer and entrepreneur, born in Maputo. Co-founder of DESIGN Talk and editor of DEZAINE Magazine, permanent columnist at Design Culture (Brazil). He is ambassador of Southern Africa Startup Awards (SASA) and founder of BROKEN, was ambassador of Orange Corners Maputo (2017 - 2018). He is art director and permanent contributor of Literatas Magazine. He was co-founder of MED - Comunicação and the Mahungu Academic Journal. In 2020, Mélio Tinga won the 4th edition of the Imprensa Nacional/Eugénio Lisboa Award, from which resulted the book Mariza, published, in 2021. He published O Hambúrguer que Matou Jorge - Antologia de Contos Criminais Moçambicanos (Ethale Publishing, 2017). "O Voo dos Fantasmas" (Ethale Publishing, 2018).

Books by Mélio Tinga

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