Rodrigues Nhiuane Cumbane

About Author

Rodrigues Nhiuane Cumbane was born in February 1981, in Panda District, Inhambane Province, southern Mozambique. He is a Senior Police Officer of the Republic of Mozambique and holds a PhD in Territory, Risk and Public Policies (Disaster Risk Management Area) from the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon - Portugal; a Master in Public Administration in the Area of Public Policies from the Higher Institute of Public Administration (ISAP), currently the National School of Public Administration of the Joaquim Chissano University (UJC) - Maputo; and a degree in Police Sciences from the Academy of Police Sciences (ACIPOL) - Maputo, where he has been a Lecturer and Researcher for over 15 years. The author teaches Methodology of Scientific Research and Information and Analysis in the Master Degree Courses in Police Sciences: Public Security and Criminal Investigation, and Research Projects in the Degree Course in Police Sciences at ACIPOL. He is a member of the International Science Council Regional Office for Africa, and his areas of interest are Public Security and Civil Protection, Disaster Risk Management, Public Policies and Administrative Law.

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