Saide Momade

About Author

PhD in Educational Innovation(2019). Master in Science and Mathematics Education from the Federal University of Goiás (2010). Graduated in Mathematics Teaching from the Pedagogical University of Mozambique (2006). He has been a teacher since the year 2000. He was Head of the Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the Pedagogical University of Mozambique, Nampula Delegation (2012 - 2019). He has experience in the area of Mathematics Teaching, and in Teacher Training in Science and Mathematics with emphasis on Mathematical Analysis, Calculus, Statistics, Mathematics, History of Mathematics, History and Philosophy of Science and its Teaching, Methodology of Scientific Research. Develops research in TICs vs Teacher Training. Studied Web Master and Programming Courses. Completed the third level of English as a foreign language at wit language School (South Africa in 2014). (2016) Coordinated the PELP evaluation team of the Ophavela project based in Nampula. In 2018 coordinated the team of researchers in the development of the intervention strategy to contain the accelerated population growth in Nampula Province.In 2019 was coordinator of the northern zone of the Evaluation team of the Strategic Education Plan PEE 2012-2016/2019,PHASE 025/17/DAQUI/SC. Currently he performs the functions of Director of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics at the University Rovuma. And he is Provincial Secretary of Mobilization, Propaganda and Social Organizations of FRELIMO in Nampula.

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