Sarita Monjane Henriksen

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Sarita Monjane Henriksen is an Associate Professor with a PhD in Linguistic Planning and Language Policy from Roskilde University, Denmark; an MA in Educational Linguistics from the University of Surrey, St. Mary's University College, UK; a BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Universidade Pedagógi ca, Mozambique; and a specialization in English Language Studies from the University of Delaware, USA. She has taught the subjects of English Language, Sociolinguistics, Linguistic and Cultural Diversity, Production and Retroversion of Written English, Introduction to Consecutive Interpretation and Public Policy in Education. She is a member of the Doctoral School of Language Studies and participates in the doctoral seminars on Language Planning and Policy and Languages in Contact and Bilingual Education in the Doctoral Program in Language Studies Applied to Language Teaching. She is also a member of the research group CALPIU (Cultural and Linguistic Practices in the In- ternational University), Roskilde University and a member of the research group STAR Project Luxem- bourg - Sociolinguistic Trajectories and Repertoires: Luso-Luxo-African Identifications, Interactions and Imaginations. She is Director of the Cooperation Office at the Pedagogical University. She was Director of the Faculty of Language Sciences, Communication and Arts (2012 to 2017). She was a Guest Professor at the Federal University of Paraiba, João Pessoa, Brazil (2014) and at the University of Southern Denmark (2010). She was an Assistant Professor at Roskilde University Denmark (2008-2010), Departments of Language and Culture and Language Encounters. Her main research interests include: linguistic landscapes and policies, multilingualism, globalization, migration. Ensio de L2/ LE & Politicas Liguisticas, Diversidade e Interculturalidade, a work released by Ethale 2022, together with 8 other authors.

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