Ethale Publishing is a Mozambican publishing house and creative agency that promotes the use of African and diasporic narratives for social transformation. Its work transcends physical and human borders, bringing people and cultures together through writing, literary translation, book publishing, radio shows live on Youtube, cultural and ducational events and the realisation of projects that value authorship and creativity.

Feminism in the works of Zukiswa Wanner
Feminism in the works of Zukiswa Wanner

On September 6, 2023, we were at the Universidade Pedagógica de Maputo- Sede, in the Language Center, for a talk with Zukiswa, moderated by Albino Chavale and José Castiano. The conversation was based on understanding the feminist concept reflected in Wanner's works, namely: the role that women play at a social, family and professional level. […]

Launch of Kwashala Blues in Beira
Launch of Kwashala Blues in Beira

The launch ceremony for Kwashala Blues took place on September 8 at Livraria Fundza. The presentation was made by Cristóvao Seneta. Kwashala Blues is a book with characters and stories that each reader will identify with. Readers, teachers and writers took part. Our deepest thanks go to everyone involved in making this event possible and […]

Kwashala Blues or the poetic metaphor of death
Kwashala Blues or the poetic metaphor of death

By Alberto José Mathe[1] Sunday is, for me, a sacred day. Regardless of the circumstances, I reserve the day to spend more time with family and indulge in the sounds of jazz coming from various corners of the world. At six in the morning, I received news of the physical disappearance of a friend in […]

Hardcopy & e-book: Enhance citizenship trough the circulation of books in Mozambique
Hardcopy & e-book: Enhance citizenship trough the circulation of books in Mozambique

By Jessemusse Cacinda The Indian economist Amartya Sen[1] defines democracy as governance through debate, that’s why it is necessary to improve the information availability and the feasibility of interactive discussions. According to him, democracy must be judged not only through the existing institutions but through how different voices can make themselves heard. According to the Universal […]

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  • Despite being small, Ethale is a gem for those who love books! They also treat their customers well and are specialized in Mozambican books, they also have an incredible selection!! I took two bags of books when I left the store! It is a place to visit

    Inês Dias

    Professor of Lusophone Studies and Lusophone Africa at the University of Leeds
  • It has been exciting for me to be included in this publisher's catalogue because it has unavoidable names in African literature. The experience has been encouraging, especially when the idea that I am in the same publisher that translated writers such as Ngugi Wa Thiong'o and Wole Soyinka comes in my mind

    Albert Dalela

    Author of the novel "Gole de Lâminas" (Ethale Publishing, 2021)
  • Mozambican publisher Ethale is one of the most exciting new names in African publishing in the last few years

    James Murua

    Kenyan Journalist Writing about African Literature