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Mozambican publisher launches app for African books in Portuguese

What if books could be up to 80% cheaper and reach every corner of the country in an instant?

Ethale Books App, a new app for digital African books - from Ethale Publishing - does just that. Choose from our nine current titles that include African classics and nonfiction. Stay tuned for new titles for children and collaborations with other local and international publishers coming soon. Audiobooks and new editions will be released soon.

Readers and listeners can download the Ethale Books app for free from the Google Play Store, books can be purchased through M-Pesa. Current titles available include Matigari by Ngugi wa Thiong'o, The Beggars Strike by Aminata Sow Fall, and The Flight of the Ghosts by Mélio Tinga.

The Mozambican publisher Ethale Publishing proudly announces the launch of a book selling App, the "Ethale Books App". The Ethale Books App will be the first digital e-book platform in Mozambique.

East and Southern Africa are two of the fastest growing and most exciting digital landscapes in Africa. By 2019, there were 192 million mobile money users in six African countries, half a billion Africans will have a smartphone by 2025. As Africa's vibrant new generations seek the tools to generate their own development, books - narratives - play a key role.

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